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Dress Code


                                                                                          Twenhofel - Dress Code

1.) The length of skirts, dresses, and/or shorts, shall come to a student’s fingertips or longer when they are standing with arms at their side. Holes in pants must also be below a students’ fingertips. Pants must be worn at the waist so that underwear does not show.
2.) Shirts/tops must have sleeves (short or long) and cover the entire stomach whether a student is seated, standing, or moving.
3.) Appropriate shoes are required.
4.) Backpacks must be clear or made of mesh fabric.
5.) Gloves are not to be worn in school. Headwear (hats, etc.) may not be worn in school. Hoodies may be worn, but the hood must stay down, off of the head.
6.) Strictly prohibited are clothing and accessories that promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, violence, sexual behavior, profanity, or discrimination through words, pictures, or suggestion. These items include, but are not limited to, offensive print material or artwork on T-shirts and other clothing/accessories (including bandanas or gang colors/paraphernalia/symbols, swastika, confederate flag).
7.) Make-up, accessories, hair style, hair color, or clothing that cause distractions in the classroom will not be permitted. Anything that seems distracting will be subject to review under administration. Students are not permitted to wear any of the following: sunglasses, colored lenses glasses, cosmetic, contact lenses such as wild eyes, theatrical make-up or face paint.
8.) No heavy chains are permitted.
9.) Articles potentially affecting the safety of the student or others or that create distractions to the regular school process, are not permitted. In instances not specifically addressed in the district or school codes, the principal or designee shall render a decision.
10.) The school is not responsible for lost clothing or any student property.

Any dress code violation in question will be reviewed and addressed by administration.
Violations of the dress code will result in: 1) A call to parents to bring a change of clothing, or, if a parent cannot bring a change of clothing, 2) A change of clothing may be provided in the form of generic sweat pants and/or sweatshirts/T-shirts, which must be returned for washing at the end of the school day. Students who continually disregard the dress code will receive additional consequences for repeated violations.