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Elective Classes 2023-2024



All elective classes are designed for specific grade levels.  This means – yes – a student can take the same elective class multiple years; the content will be different each year. 



Band is a year-long course that encompasses the music core content, instruction in playing a specific instrument, as well as the performance of the group throughout the year as a grade level band and school band.  Students have the opportunity to also participate in marching band at SK while in middle school.  Drama core content is also covered in band class.  Students are encouraged to participate in music contests throughout the year as a group and in solo/ensemble competitions. 



Chorus is a performance-based yearlong class that encompasses the music core content as well as incorporates different aspects of musical theater and drama core content.  Students are exposed to and perform many styles of music that cover a variety of cultures & time periods. In this class, students are expected to perform as a group for many different audiences including our state choral assessment that takes place in the spring. Students are also given many opportunities to grow as a musician. Students may also choose to participate in all-state choir, solo & ensemble, NKY Honor Choir, Kenton Co All-Star Chorus and Twenhofel Honor Choir. 



Instrumental Music is a class for non-band/chorus students that allows them the opportunity to learn about music including learning how to play a specific instrument.  Students learn melody chimes and other instruments in this class.  Students have the opportunity to perform in front of other students within their class 



In this class, students learn how to evaluate their own and others’ artwork using the elements & principles of design and how art can fulfill a variety of purposes.  This knowledge helps them write and talk about art clearly and also helps improve their artwork.  Media such as pencil, paint, clay and ink are just a few of the various materials used by all grade levels when creating artwork.  Artworks from ancient & modern cultures are also studied. Sixth grade studies Latin American mural art & Chinese ceramics.  Seventh grade studies ancient styles of architecture, and eighth grade students Neo-classicism, 19th century painters and development of photography.



The literature class curriculum is designed for students of all ability levels.  The class will explore different literary genres while engaging is class discussion, literary analysis, and a variety of activities.  The lessons are driven by student interest and intended to instill a love for reading for all kids while enhancing all students’ reading skills.



PLTW is a hands-on, project-based course that incorporates science & math into technology to introduce students to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) School of Study.  Students will study different aspects of design and modeling in modern engineering.  They begin learning about and practicing 3-dimensional design. They take that knowledge and apply it to a computer-assisted drafting program where they design a variety of projects.  Some groups learn student automation and robotics in small group mechanical assembly challenges.  Valuable lessons in problem solving and collaboration give students knowledge that they can use for a lifetime.



In PLVS, students explore all areas of everyday living.  They investigate decision making and the consequences that come with the decisions that we make. Dating, relationships with others and responsibilities that come with maturity are discussed.  Problem solving and conflict resolution along with mediation skills are practiced.  The New Hope Center also comes into the classroom at all grade levels to teach an abstinence based course so that students are empowered to take control of their own bodies in spite of peer pressure which makes them better prepared to move on to high school.  



The PE program is aimed at providing the student an opportunity to learn & experience various aspects of physical fitness & dance.  Various skills and strategies will be taught associated with these activities.  Team play, sportsmanship, and cooperation are emphasized. Participation is required because we “learn by doing”.  Safety & First Aid are also covered



A variety of topics around computers and technology are covered depending on the level of the class.  Some topics include keyboarding, the responsibilities of digital citizenship, word processing skills, interactive computer based lessons/projects, and creating digital presentations.  This class helps kids expand upon their knowledge of computer applications which will prepare them for life in the 21st century. 



Students will learn and develop soft skills that will make them desirable candidates for hire in the work place.  They will explore different career paths and build an understanding of what opportunities exist for them in their future.  Career paths, public relations, job applications and interviews are covered.  Class will include research-based projects, collaborative activities, and guest speakers.  They will gain an understanding of what they need to do now, in high school, and in their post-secondary lives in order to be a qualified candidates for their desired careers. 



This class exposes students to the world outside of Northern Kentucky and helps them gain an appreciation for cultures different than their own.  Some of the elements of culture that will be studied include historical/current traditions, geographical features, family and social structures, religious practices, politics, and economics. Students will have the opportunity to participate in research projects, collaborative activities, and presentations in this social studies based class.



STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines - Science, Technology, Engineering, and math.  It is an interdisciplinary approach where instead of teaching the four disciplines separately, STEM integrates them into a cohesive curriculum.  Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities and projects that apply the four disciplines in real-world applications. 


MATH 180

This is a class for students who need to acquire specific skills in order to reach grade level in math.  Students in this class have been intentionally placed due to assessment scores indicating this need.



This is a class for students who need to acquire specific skills in order to reach grade level in reading.  Students in this class have been intentionally placed due to assessment scores indicating this need.